Hi! My name is Moni. I was born into the values and traditions of a Hungarian family in the heart of a hermetic communist Romania, in the town of Târgu Mureș. At the age of 21 I took a decision: to leave the life I knew behind and finally see what is beyond the borders of my country. I headed for Germany without speaking a word of German, possessing a simple suitcase and only 15DM in cash hidden in my pocket. So I left a world full of restrictions and suppression behind: the only world that I ever knew to be true.

What came after that is a series of experiences and conflicts that shook the core of what I was and made me become the person I am today. I managed to learn German in nine months and to pass the exams in order to have the permission to study at a German university. I was a working student managing three jobs at times and still being able to get my degree within the recommended semesters.

My professional life began, and I found myself climbing the career ladder. I arrived at a point at which I was successful in my job, gaining a lot of money, however feeling very unhappy about what I had to do. So I quit my very privileged position and went into a sabbatical year that I filled with travels and time to find out what I wanted to do professionally. I am currently doing the job that I wished for and enjoying it.

I discovered short story writing as a way of holding on to memories of a time that played a huge role in molding my character and my life as an adult. Some of these stories are funny, many of them are sad, but they all have one thing in common: they are true.

So welcome! Lay back and dive into the colored world of my short stories. Who knows, maybe I can raise a smile on your face or give you a glimpse of a life that might be very far from what you ever thought existed. 


Contact me at shortstories@moni-log.com