An Unexpected Island – Mallorca

Mallorca has the reputation of being the 17th German state not only because many Germans like to benefit from the short and relatively cheap flights from different cities in Germany to Palma, but also because many Germans have permanently moved to Mallorca and built up their lives and businesses there.

The reason is certainly understandable as the weather in Mallorca is ideal. Many Germans suffer from the long, dark, and relatively cold winters in Germany and prefer to evade the winter months and enjoy the mild temperatures of the Balearic Island.

Besides, the most popular Platja de Palma received the name Ballermann due to its popularity for gatherings and all-day-long parties, so that it is constantly filled by numerous uninhibited funny party people.

I personally prefer to forgo places like these due to various reasons. One of them is that I prefer taking long and challenging mountain hikes in different countries. I enjoy places that are quiet and less touristy so that I can get in touch with the local life as much as circumstances allow me. Party life is definitely not my life.

Thus, Mallorca had never been on my to-see list, and when a friend of mine managed to persuade me to go there for a whole week I was more than skeptical. I decided though that each place deserved a fair chance. I was going to make my own experiences that did not have to be the same as the experiences of everybody else.

I am glad I did because I discovered a side of Mallorca that is not promoted: lush nature, mountains with crazy serpentines and breathtaking views over the sea, flowstone caves that remind of fairytales, peaceful beaches with clear, turquoise waters, and a historical train that takes on a slow ride and remind you of distant times. For me, this is real Mallorca, that one that hides in the background of the noisy partying reputation.

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