Behind the Settings – Tbilisi

For many people, the name Tbilisi does not ring a bell. I got different reactions from people when I told them that I was going to Georgia, from questioning why I would want to go to a country that many people could not even locate on the map to excitement and curiosity towards a place that is not yet very touristy.

For me, it was the mixture of curiosity towards a culture of people who hide behind an incredible alphabet (have you ever seen the Georgian writing?) combined with the promise of an amazing scenery offered by the massive and impressive Caucasus.

I imagined Tbilisi as you normally imagine any capital city: big, full of people, lots of buildings, streets full of cars, you know the drill. Tbilisi does have all of that. But it does not stop there.

Once we took a glance behind the facades of the city, we experienced hidden treasures that no one would ever expect to see in a capital city. Houses built on cliffs that grow from the river, a huge botanical garden, or sulfur baths may not be so unusual, but a waterfall of 22 meters height? I personally was not expecting a natural waterfall of that dimension in the middle of the old Tbilisi town.

Nor was I expecting our hotel to be directly below the fortress on top of a steep street with an inclination that made your jaw drop. And let’s not forget the herd of huge but very domesticated dogs that followed us for hours during our first dawn sightseeing of the town. These are the images that instantly pop into my head when I hear the name Tbilisi.

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