Blindness Towards the World – Bocas Town

After about two weeks of a very adventurous and pleasant journey through Panama, we arrived at the Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro.

While we were waiting in Bocas Town on a deck between two massive houses for our boat to arrive and take us to Bastimentos we met a handful of other tourists. Some of them were sitting quietly looking at the come and go of the boats, others were on the phone, some were filming, others eating. The normal activities people do while they wait.

Our attention was quickly drawn to two young, posh German couples who were having a loud conversation. From what we could deduct, they had just met on the deck and felt the need to exchange opinions about all the negative things that they had to experience during their Panama trip.

One of the girls went on and on about how horrible the flight to Panama was because of the bad service, miserable food, lack of comfort, and the poor film offerings on such a long flight and how she would never ever again fly with that particular company again. She seemed extremely upset and frustrated and felt the need to let it all out on total strangers. As she began talking about all the plans that she had in order to make that flight company suffer, I looked at my friend in disbelief and simply left.

I could not believe what I was hearing. We were on an incredible island waiting for a boat to take us to our hotel. The weather was warm and sunny. The locals were nice and friendly. The houses were so different from what I have ever seen. Many of them were lining up directly along the water and the owners all had boats that they used regularly to do their chores. I mean, how crazy interesting is that? The nature was lush, the water sparkling in the sun and the sound of the motorboats filled the air.

There were so many new impressions to take in and so many experiences to look forward to! I could not get it in my head how anyone could feel so much negativity or would think and talk about such unimportant things while being in the middle of the scenery I just described. It was unbearable for me.

Besides, most of the locals in Bocas Town would only dream of an opportunity to get on a plane and fly to a distant country. All I could think of was how disrespectful of her to bleat about something like that. Fortunately, most people on the deck did not understand what she was talking about.

For a little moment, I thought about saying something but decided not to. It would have only put some gasoline in an already fierce fire. I realized instead that it was pretty darn good to be in my head instead of hers.

After all, I could choose my reactions to her monologue or how I felt about it. I could simply leave and be in the zone that my own brain was providing me. But she was caught in a world of negativity that did not let her experience the reality of her present moment. She was obviously rich but extremely poor at the same time.

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