Colorful Walls – Lima

I am not the kind of person who studies travel magazines and googles for sightseeing tips before traveling to a new country. I do not own and do not like travel guides.

This is a deliberate choice. I love the feeling of arriving somewhere and not having any idea what expects me. The thought of having a list of must-see things that I need to chase after so that I can then cross off from a piece of paper sounds senseless to me.

Many years of traveling showed me that I can enjoy things much better if I discover them on my own, without being biased by somebody else’s opinion. I might miss a tourist spot or two that everybody says one must see before they die. So what? I really do not have to see them.

I prefer the small hidden things anyways.

Needless to say, I did not know what to expect of Lima. The plan was to check in to my new home and start exploring the city. That was the only plan I had. And it was a good plan.

After a few hours of walking and getting a feeling for the place, I found myself surrounded by street art I had never seen before. I was fascinated by the subjects I found, by the stories they were telling, so I decided to deliberately search for more. I never expected that my trip to Lima would include a treasure hunt for colorful graffiti.

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