Discovering Nature – Eremitu  

A few years ago, I met a nice Romanian girl through my job. I was already living in Germany, and she was based in Bucharest, Romania. We had a lot of contact due to our daily work and so I finally got to meet her in person when her department paid a business visit to Germany.

We got along very well and decided to keep the personal contact alive.

So, one winter while I was visiting my parents in Romania, in a relatively large community in the heart of Transylvania called Eremitu, I invited her to visit us for a few days. And so, she came. As she was from a big city, she did not have much experience with living in the countryside. She came without knowing what to expect.

The first night, after dinner, she went outside to smoke (she used to smoke back then). It was a very cold and clear evening, with barely -10 degrees, so the rest of us stayed in the house. Only seconds after she went outside, we heard her scream. Not knowing what happened, we jumped up from the table and rushed outside. We found her gazing at the sky in awe. She said, without taking her gaze off the sky, “oh my god, there are stars in the sky! I never ever get to see stars!” I then realized that what I thought would be a boring trip for her would be something she had never experienced before.

The next day I took her hiking around the village. It had snowed for weeks, and nature was still, covered in deep white sparkling snow. My friend just could not stop screaming with joy, jumping into the snow, making snow angels, and taking incredible pictures. I believe I have never seen anybody as happy as she was in my whole life, and it made me thankful that I had invited her to us and given her an unforgettable experience.

Here are a few pictures she took.

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