Learning to Spell – Baltimore

Visiting new places always means discovering things you had never seen or experienced before. That is why so many of us love to travel. You never know what to expect from one place, even if you previously heard about it from other people.

I have already mentioned this in one of my previous posts: I love to be as unprepared as possible when I go and visit a new place. I do not mean that I will blindly ignore possible dangers and adventure myself in places I should better stay away from. I simply do not like to read much about possible tourist attractions or places I must go to whilst I am in a foreign place. I want to make my own non-biased experience.

I prefer to arrive at a place and let my intuition, feelings, and curiosity lead my steps without having a designated target of seeing and taking pictures of the most attractive spots. I like to search for the unusual, the unexpected. Taking photos of well-known attractions would be like making the millionth copy of something that people see all the time when they make a google search.

I took only a handful of pictures in Baltimore, even if I enjoyed the lazy summer afternoon we spent wandering around its streets. Most of them I took so that I would remember what we did that day: where we had our 5th iced tea (we had about 40 degrees Celsius and were constantly looking for refreshments), where we had a nice encounter with an old man with whom we shared a bench talking and laughing our hearts out or where the asphalt was so hot that we had to constantly jump up and down.

And there we discovered that if you wanted to learn to spell correctly, you should go to Baltimore and read the writing on the pavement. This is definitely something we had never seen before.

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