Little Gems – Cusco Region

People always say amazing things about Peru, and after my visit there I certainly understand why. I was there for only two short weeks as my goal was to experience high mountains. However, the little things that I got to see besides the majestic Andes mountains were so extraordinarily rare that they not only made me regret that I was not able to stay longer but also ask the question, what else did I miss?

Alone the Cusco region is so rich with natural beauty and ancient history that I feel that spending a few months alone in this region would not be enough to discover everything it has to offer. And I am sure that I am not exaggerating.

The first few days in Cusco were under the sign of altitude sickness for me. I spent the first night barely sleeping, panting for air, and the morning in the living room sipping coca tea for four hours straight until I was able to move around without feeling extremely dizzy.

As I did not want to sit around and wait until I was feeling better, I decided to take a few small day trips and hikes around the Cusco area. I did the hikes on my own, however the day trips were organized and quite touristy. I was skeptical at the beginning as I prefer to discover things on my own, but as I was still occasionally fighting against the lack of air, I did not want to risk bigger things on my own, such as driving a car to a remote place.

I certainly do not regret taking those day trips as I witnessed natural gems I did not image that I would ever see.

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