It was one of those singled out events that may or may not happen. You know that the concept exists and that it could happen to your neighborhood one day, but you never know for sure if it will happen or if it will remain a mere idea in the heads of people.

On this particular day it did happen and it left all of the kids´ mouths open in amazement. To be honest, not only kids´ jaws were dropped. Parents and non-parents were equally surprised. 

It came out of nowhere: the huge truck filled with beautiful fresh fluffy grey sand. It moved slowly until it arrived to its dedicated place. 

The sandbox was an iconic place full of promises of sandcastels and of different forms in sand, of children buried in sand, of sand gear flying through the air, of happy and excited noises. It was always there with its empty belly throwing blameful stares at each of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.


It went through different periods of reutilizing. We often used it to incorporate it into different invented plays, such as the courtyard of the king or the market place or a tournament center. We did use it for lots of purposes, however it rarely saw its real purpose of actually holding sand inside of its angular form.

And finally this day came: the sandbox was going to be filled with real sand! 

Time stood still: toys dropped from children’s hands, heads appeared behind curtains, passers-by stopped and the news of new sand truck travelled faster than light. 


The sand was running from the truck like from a huge sand clock, while sand forms were being thrown out of the neighborhood windows. It took a few minutes for the children to understand that the flying objects were meant for them. A collective eagerness and joy mixed with panic burst out.

Children from all the neighboring blocks were running towards the sandbox, each holding a multitude of sand gear in their hands.

Have you ever observed an anthill full of busy ants running up and down carrying staff? Yes, that was us kids in the sandbox on that very happy day of the arrival of the sand.