The Sea Through Different Lenses – Cádiz

For those who would like to have a piece of the Andalusian life experience, Cádiz is certainly not a bad choice. The small town situated at the south of Sevilla appears as if it wanted to escape from the mainland to go on its own journey to Afrika. At least that was what I thought when I first saw it on the map.

The town bathed in the sun and kissed by the sea has everything to make you feel and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle from sandy beaches to an old town, marketplaces, cathedrals, shops, and of course rich food.

We only spent two days in this cute town on our way to Sevilla, but they felt like a whole week. The long lazy summer hours stretched like sweet bubble gum that kept its flavor even after endless chewing. It felt good to walk the streets of Cádiz without having any destination.

We were in the Parque Genovés when we got to see the sea through unexpected lenses we had never seen before. The first view we discovered was the result of glancing through a curtain made of colorful glass and plastic forms hanging from the ceiling and mirroring on the floor. The sunlight that was shed on the curtain provided an unforgettable spectacle of light and color, the blue of the sea and the yellow of the sand sparkling in the background. It was like we were suddenly catapulted into a magical sparkling world we never wanted to leave again.

Only a few steps further we discovered another unusual view of the sea. This time it was a transparent golden door that led us into a scenery that could have come from the 1920s. It looked like the silhouette captured in the background was moving from the colorful present to a monochrome and distant past never to be seen again.

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