Walk Through a Mysterious Landscape – Cluj

During the November days, many of us get melancholic or struggle with the short hours of daylight and the colder temperatures that suddenly take control of our surroundings. It gets especially hard during the days when the sun forgets to come out and the landscape is covered in fog. It feels like being in a trance all day long. Our bodies feel confused, and we tend to want to crawl to our cozy homes and hibernate.

On a November day like this, I arrived in Cluj. The drive from the airport to the town felt like I was sitting in a movie theatre watching myself caved into the backseat of the cab, slowly moving through the streets of the town.

Due to heavy traffic, we were forced to move in slow motion, as if we were floating on clouds. If it wasn’t for the talkative cab driver who kept the conversation alive throughout the drive, I might have had surrendered to the heavy and sweet arms of the alluring siesta.

Once at my friend’s house, I woke up from this state and forgot about it for a while. I found myself in new surroundings where there were a lot of things to discover and a lot of conversations to take up with my friend. For a moment I went back to feeling normal.

When we decided to go out for a walk in the evening, and as soon as we opened the front door, the thick fog (this time accompanied by heavy darkness) hit us directly in the face. We both shivered simultaneously, but we both shook the cold from us.

Once we were in the nearby park, the sensation of calm mixed with a pinch of mystery and melancholy came over us again. We reached the lake surrounded by ancient trees and majestic buildings, and it felt like we were in midst of a scene taken from a film noir. All the sounds were swallowed by the dark fog and each silhouette of trees, street lamps, or people walking by gave us the sensation that something was about to suddenly happen.

Nothing did. Still, we were happy to be home again.

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